A simple, modern phone system for your restaurant

Answer customer calls without distracting your employees

Answer 90%+ of customer phone calls without having to connect to your staff. Switchboard makes it easy to set up automated responses to your customer's most asked questions, saving hundreds of hours a month of your staff's time.

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Set up your Switchboard in just minutes. Add business hours, online ordering links, Covid restrictions, reservations, directions, today's events, and any other common questions your staff gets asked repeatedly.

Give customers exactly what they are looking for.

Set up routing for which calls go where.

Select the perfect voice or record your own

Set up your phones

Choose a new local or toll-free phone number or use the one you already have. Find the perfect spot for your countertop and/or cordless phones. Simply connect your Switchboard phones to wifi and you'll be up and running!

Plug and Play phones make set up a breeze

Keep your current phones or use ours, or both

Each countertop phone has battery and 4G backup so your lines will never go down


Launch and monitor

After going live with you new phone system, you will have a huge reduction of calls. Use the dashboard to understand what information is most commonly requested and adjust your Switchboard accordingly.

Enjoy the reduced number of incoming calls.

Get more done while making callers happy.

Tweak your Switchboard with updates based on calls that are still ringing through

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"I can't afford to get rid of phone calls- it's the life blood of my restaurant!"

Hear us out. The goal is not to cut out phone calls and customer service, but rather to provide better, more streamlined  information to guests, faster.